Service Accordions

The design and development of a business's public persona shaped by clear messaging through written, spoken, and visual means. Working from a marketing and social presence perspective is core value to Strumb Design's approach to all projects.

Sometimes a well established logo starts to lose its visual authority due to natural marketplace evolution. Some older logos can be revived with design refinement. This involves assessing the core design elements of the logo then balancing them out for visual impact and scalability across all sizes in various media.

Website design and development is a wide array of services from creatively technical to technically creative. Having a deep understanding  of each of the technical services and how they work together to power a well-built website is essential.

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Holding the attention of a website visitor is achieved by having the forces of copy, typography, design and imagery strike a perfect balance. Sometimes this perfect balance is reached by using the perfect phrasing of the copy. Often this cannot be found until design and content integration collide and shape. Matching your messaging with design, type and imagery is a sure attention grabber.

Technical services span all things website and technical in nature, such as hosting setup, domain and DNS management, third party integrations, SEO actions, performance optimization, integrating Google services, etc.  You can find more detail here:

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