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As a leader in intellectual property law, ARC is a streamlined team of IP attorneys and professionals who bring deep experience and efficient filings to clients who are registering trademarks, filing patents, needing copyrights and licensing agreements.

We started this visual brand ID, logo, and website design and development project by bringing a new logo design to the table. Noticing that the three letter name of this IP business had an "R" in the middle, the idea emerged that we could use that to integrate a registered trademark symbol as the main driver of the design. We explored various fonts, sizing and color and the final version carried over the firm's previously established brand colors. A heavy typeface was used to evoke strength and stability.

The website design and development built upon the logo design. A unique design feature was to include dictionary style definitions for all of their 9 primary services areas.

SEO actions saved the day!

As we began our advanced SEO services we made a startling discovery. We found that the existing website was nowhere to be found in Google searches. As we dug the answer as to why Google wasn't listing the website became clear: the previous developer had set the website for no indexing. That was a major mistake and the client was shocked to learn this. We jumped on actions to remedy by removing the no indexing setting and applying SEO actions to the existing website so that by the time the new website went live we would have some traction with Google. The SEO strategy proved to work extremely well and now the website is positioned at #1 for some of the pertinent search key phrases and positioned well for many others.


La Jolla, California

Services Provided

• Logo design
• Visual brand ID
• Website design and development
• Copy editing
• Imaging and image research
• Advanced onsite SEO