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Dr. Mario Paz is an innovator in the world of orthodontics. He is also well loved by all of his clients. So when one client decided to maliciously attack his business with a slew of terrible online reviews under different names he definitely felt the repercussions. An counterplan was absolutely needed to offset the misrepresentations posted on Yelp, Google and other online consumer review outlets.

A crisis management team, a marketing expert, and Strumb were hired to reimage his entire business and online presence. Strumb partnered with an SEO expert to ensure a fast rise in search rankings for the new website. A new visual brand ID was established and a robust, fully informational website was designed and developed.

Dr. Mario Paz is now ranking high in searches and online reviews have well overcome the malicious reviews with nearly 200 five star Google reviews and over 60 five star reviews on Yelp.

Services Provided

• Logo design
• Website design and development
• Imaging
• HIPAA forms creation and compliance
• Copy editing and messaging
• Advanced onsite SEO


Marina Del Rey, California