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Freshly's Market is a brand new grocery store in Aberdeen, Mississippi was created by Ms. Katina Holliday of Holliday's Helping Hands. She was well aware of a serious lack of access to fresh foods and affordable groceries in her hometown community and, in true Ms. Katina style, she did something about that. The store is a huge success and not only provides access to groceries, the store also provides many employment opportunities.

Working from the style of their existing logo as a start, Strumb provided turnkey website design and development services and had a fully functional website up and running within a few weeks. Strumb continues to provide regular content and technical updates for Freshly's.

Services Provided

• Visual brand ID design
• Website design and development
• Copy writing and editing
• Technical, hosting and DNS settings
• Imaging and image research
• Website content and technical updates


Aberdeen, Mississippi