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Ms. Katina Holliday, founder of Holliday's Helping Hands, is a true dynamo. Her dedication to finding ways to help disenfranchised and homeless people goes far beyond supplying some food and temporary shelter. Every endeavor she takes on — and there are many — is created in order to support her core philosophies about life, living, equality, and giving people new opportunities to turn their lives and their communities around.

Strumb was brought into the HHH world through Rockwood Communications Counsel's owner, Crystal Rockwood. Together with Crystal, Strumb developed an energetic, positive visual brand ID supporting a strong and compassionate messaging position.

The new website has been a tremendous success for HHH. So much so that HHH has hired Strumb to produce 5 websites, the most recent being Freshly's Market and Urgent Care at the Pointe, both located in Aberdeen, Mississippi. Two other websites are currently under design and development.

Services Provided

• Visual brand ID design
• Website design and development
• Copy writing and editing
• Technical, hosting and DNS settings
• Imaging and image research


Carson, California