Lane Gardner

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Lane Gardner is a multi-talented author, speaker, coach and singer/songwriter. Despite a tumultuous start marked by the fallout of her father's PTSD, her family's involvement in a religious cult, and the challenges of an abusive stepparent, Lane found solace and inspiration in her family's rich musical tradition.

After being invited to work with students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida after the horrific mass shooting at their school in 2018, Lane knew she needed to mobilize a new mission to foster connection and healing within communities by transforming individual and collective trauma into original works of art.

Working with Lane started with Fani Nicheva's deep dive branding session and then evolved into a full FireBrand Intensive Method. Once a clear path to a comprehensive brand strategy was established, the visual brand ID was designed and integrated across multliple media formats.

Services Provided

• Brand strategy and development
• Visual brand ID design
• Logo design
• Website design and development
• Social media management
• Elist newsletter funnels
• Copy writing and editing
• Technical, hosting and DNS resolution
• Imaging


New York, New York