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Steve Lishansky, owner of Optimize International, is a leadership consultant, executive coach, and decision-making guru. He is often hired for public speaking and he is the author of two Amazon best selling books on leadership. He had had a decent online presence that served him well over a number of years but like all websites, it was becoming more outdated in as every year passed until both content and design weren't representative of his work any longer. He reached out to Southern California marketing expert Merry Neitlich of EM Consulting and Merry highly recommended that Strumb be brought into the project.

Working closely with Merry and Steve, Strumb turned brainstormed ideas into reality, and a clear visual brand ID was developed quickly.

The new website and visual brand ID has been a great success for Steve and his associates. He is no longer pausing before sharing his website URL to potential clients.

Services Provided

• Website design and development
• Logo refinement
• Copy editing
• Imaging and image research
• Basic SEO services
• Social media assets


Hollis, New Hampshire