Snake Fencing contractor website and logo design business cards postcard

Sometimes a new client comes along that really opens your eyes to something you didn't realize, something that has a major impact the everyday lives of many people. In this case, it was the danger of rattlesnakes at your doorstep. For families that live in an area where rattlesnakes are present, there is a real need for a solution to mitigate surprise snake visits. Especially if they have small children or pets. This is where comes to the rescue.

Being a new business, the first step was to analyze search rankings and see who the competition was for various snake and snake fencing search phrases. Strumb partnered with an SEO expert Steve Penny and many onsite strategies were identified before publishing the final public website.

The visual brand ID task was how to deal with the very common "scary snakes" issue. An approachable design strategy was the way to go and was first established by a friendly logo typeface and a simple snake illustration as an icon. From there, the website design and development process fell into place.

Strumb and Steve Penny's expertise have paid off well with Snake Fencing's website holding a top 3 position for about 2 years now.

Services Provided

• Logo design
• Website design and development
• Imaging
• Copy editing and messaging
• Advanced onsite SEO
• Business cards
• Postcard


El Dorado Hills, California