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At Strumb, we often get our eyes opened to business services that we didn't know existed. This is the case with Stratus Financial Partners. They offer life insurance policy review, and we did not know this was such an important service. We were unaware that life insurances policies often do not pay out what you think they do. And it makes sense that this is the case. Insurance policies are complex. Since they are not affiliated with any insurance agency, and are not in the business of selling you policies, their unbiased assessment policies have helped many people revise their policies or purchase new ones to ensure the coverage they think they were paying for.

Marketing expert Merry Neitlich of EM Consulting brought Strumb into this project once she determined that Stratus really needed a full website redesign and build. She also recommended a new logo design.

Strumb got right to work by looking at the overall picture of a new visual brand ID design. After some frustration working with stock photography, Strumb turned to illustrations rather than photography for the main visuals. Before committing to a website full of illustrations we researched hundreds of illustrations and made sure if we did take this design route we could cover all pages and concepts with a great image. We didn't want to mix photos and illustrations so once we determined that we could pull it off with illustrations only, the visual brand ID and website design took off.

Strumb presented an owl illustration as the logo icon to represent wisdom and knowledge. The typography needed to be strong and sturdy to evoke solid grounding.

Services Provided

• Logo design
• Visual brand ID
• Website design and development
• Copy editing
• Imaging and image research
• Business cards
• Letterhead
• Business forms design
• Social media assets
• Advanced onsite SEO


Riverside, California